Generaphoto changes the way you sell photos and allows your customers to get in touch with you when and how they want. Your shop is open 24 hours a day, 7/7 so Mrs Luisa and Mr Giovanni can see and choose the photos of their grandchildren while sitting comfortably on the sofa, even with a tablet or smartphone.

Simple, Simple, Simple

The Advantage of Generaphoto lies in its simplicity:
– Name your gallery
– Associate a price list
– Drag and drop photos you want to publish

Your photo studio always at hand.

The dance recital of Luisa and Giovanni’s granddaughters is 60km from your shop? Or do you aspire to become the official photographer of the New York, Rome Marathons and Chinese Wall? Generaphoto supports your choices, now you can afford to work anywhere in the world.

Public galleries, Private galleries.

Are you the official wedding photographer of Azzurra, the daughter of Luisa and Giovanni? Or their grandchildren’s birthday?
Give access to their private area so they can choose with who they want to share the event, all while remaining comfortably seated on the sofa ..